Multiple cities, built with Peoples and driven by technology

We work with clients to co-create business change thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. The main goal of InfluxOS is to collaborate on solutions that have an impact and are relevant to today’s disruptive and complex business environment.

We provide very appealing and competitive pricing for offshore BPO.

Our population is young and educated. According to the EF Education First 2017 report’s English Proficiency Index, 50% of Indians under the age of 24 have a strong command of the English language, placing us second in Asia among nations with the highest proficiency.

According to the FDI Intelligence Report on BPO is the Future 2017-2018, the India Republic ranks fourth globally in terms of lifestyle and human capital, taking into account the population’s quality of primary, basic, higher, and technical education, and stands out for its competitive manpower market with the ability to adapt and innovate.

Global Workforce With High Skill Levels

InfluxOS’s key offering is an intelligent business process outsourcing for businesses of all sizes. With offices and team members positioned all over the world, you’ll have access to a highly qualified and dependable global workforce that fulfils all of your requirements.

We make absolutely sure your team also performs, and also performs as an extension of your current teams, with shared values, training, and culture.
We provide remote employees who work solely for you and your business.
We provide business continuity plan planning as well as work from home (WFH) services.

Next-Generation Global Customer Experience Services

With fully-certified agents devoted to increasing customer happiness, promoting your brand, and driving repeat purchasing behaviour, Influx Outsourcing Private Limited gives your organisation access to the greatest personnel with the correct skill set when you need it most.

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Construction Services
  • Energy & Public Sector
  • Health Care, Insurance & Higher Education
  • Medical Publishing¬†
  • Retail Real Estate Technology
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Travels
  • Media & Communications In The Gig Economy
  • E-Commerce

What differentiates InfluxOS and has contributed to our clients' success?

We also place a high value on our culture, not only to put it on a cheesy plaque in our lobby, but because being among the most dynamic, engaging, and high-performing firms in our market is a strategic and competitive advantage. A transforming culture, on the other hand, does not happen by accident. It takes effort, iteration, and a focus on the most crucial component of our business: our clients. Some businesses brag that they focus their consumers’ requirements… but we truly do. Our customers are more than simply a line item on an invoice to us; they are partners.

Your business demands take precedence on our priority list, but so do charity and community service. We adhere to the Tata Group’s philosophy and strive to be good neighbours, actively interacting with people in need in the communities where we work.